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The Problem

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA), corporate planning has become a challenge. Crises, wars, inflation and climate change and their effects on the world, such as the supply of electricity or oil prices, require ever faster adaptation and planning processes. Traditional tools and processes are no longer suitable for this and the risk of making wrong decisions that threaten the company’s existence is growing.

We provide the solution!

The Triple-Bottom-Line

Driven by Solution4

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Solution4 delivers fully connected szenarios for the Triple-Bottom-Line in real time. All operational segment plans are available in all dimensions and details coordinated and harmonized. All functions, methods, processes and data are fully integrated integrated and independent of operating systems and databases available on a single AEP platform. Dangers are recognized reliably and transferred into target-oriented decision and action alternatives reliably. Solution4 also calculates all the necessary KPIs and delivers automatically delivers all legally required reports in accordance with CSRD and EU taxonomy.


Profit – Economy
Planning, Control, and Reporting optimized for economic success.
Planet – Ecology
Planning, Control, and Reporting for ecological sustainability.
People – Society and HR
Planning, Control, and Reporting of social and cultural aspects.

What is the Triple-Bottom-Line?

The Triple-Bottom-Line is a concept that is increasingly establishing itself as the basis for sustainable corporate management. Companies that pursue this concept not only aim to maximize profits, but also attach importance to having a positive impact on the environment and society. This means that they not only pay attention to key financial figures, but also include social and ecological aspects in their decisions.
The social commitment of companies plays an important role here. This includes, for example, respecting human rights and working conditions within the company and supporting social projects and initiatives in society. The Triple-Bottom-Line calls on companies to not only consider their own interests but also to take responsibility for the well-being of people and the environment in their surroundings.
Another aspect that plays a crucial role in implementing the Triple-Bottom-Line is environmental conservation. Companies are now also legally obliged to minimize their environmental impact and switch to sustainable resources and energy sources. This can be achieved by using renewable energies, reducing waste and emissions and complying with environmental standards.

In summary, the Triple-Bottom-Line is a concept that encourages companies to take responsibility for society and the environment, urging them to consider not only their own economic interests but also broader social and environmental concerns. Companies that integrate the Triple-Bottom-Line into their business strategy can not only contribute to sustainability but also gain the trust and loyalty of their customers, employees, and stakeholders.
Our comprehensive Advanced Enterprise Planning System Solution4 simplifies all this by making all the necessary key figures available in one place, facilitating compliance with statutory reporting requirements and using quick simulations to illustrate the effects of changes and business decisions on the respective key figures.