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About us

AEP Solutions GmbH is a software and consulting company that specializes in holistic BI solutions with a focus on planning and control systems for companies. We are an innovative team that has emerged from a merger of experienced software developers, managers and production engineers. This enables us to offer a valuable synthesis of experts in the fields of IT, business administration and management. We develop and design planning, control and reporting systems for industrial, healthcare and public companies.

We provide our customers with holistic BI systems “from a single source”, i.e. we implement fully integrated and coordinated systems that link the entire operational planning and budgeting process including all sub-plans and their integration as well as the areas of reporting, analysis and data warehouse in a unique way. Our customers therefore receive customized and tailor-made solutions based on many years of practical and management experience and state-of-the-art software technology.

AEP provides solutions for the digitalization of business processes, focusing on management and support processes. AEP covers all planning, management, consolidation and reporting processes with regard to strategy development, controlling (operational planning processes, financial planning processes, ESG processes) and sustainability issues.

The added value of AEP-Solution4 lies in:

  • Automating previously manual and non-value-added activities.
  • Eliminating media disruptions in processes.
  • Minimizing process lead times, coupled with significant cost reduction.
  • Significantly improving the quality of decision-making foundations.
  • Enhancing responsiveness to dynamic environmental changes.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements regarding sustainable corporate governance (ESG, CSRD, EU Taxonomy, LKGSG, Triple Bottom Line).
  • Eliminating the “software zoo” to fulfill planning and control tasks.
Our services

We advise medium-sized and large companies as well as smaller businesses on the selection of the right software solution. In addition to industrial companies (individual, series and process manufacturers), we also serve public companies and administrations, hospitals and logistics companies. With more than 20 years of management experience and know-how, we offer our customers a decisive advantage when it comes to the selection, conceptualization and implementation of BI solutions. Our consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Advice on setting up integrated planning and control systems
  • Conception, development and implementation of reporting and control solutions for sustainability controlling
  • Advice on system design and integration of real-time simulation systems based on operational planning and control systems
  • Advice on the design and optimization of cost accounting systems
  • Consulting with regard to the conception and design of reporting and analysis systems (OLAP, data warehousing)

The technical implementation of our consulting services begins with the conceptual design. The new generation of planning and simulation software is user-friendly and intuitive to operate and enables real-time control simulations that can provide reliable scenarios in real time, even for very large planning models. The realization is divided into the following areas:

  • Analysis phase and requirements profile
  • Objectives, description of benefits and benefit analysis
  • Specialist concept development
  • Implementation

We offer various services to help you analyze the profitability of your investments in BI software.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Live presentation
  • Quick check
  • Consultation appointment
  • Business case templates


We offer our interested parties the opportunity to prepare for upcoming BI projects by means of comprehensive checklists and questionnaires.