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Why Solution4?

  • Modern multi-layer architecture
  • Web application, runs in any browser
  • Operating system-independent, suitable for PC and tablet
  • Cloud-ready
  • Supports a variety of database systems (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)
  • Modular structure (‘What You Need Is What You Get’)
  • Supports Corporate Design
  • User-specific form layout
  • Standard reports and integrated report generator for custom analyses at any level of detail
  • Multilingual
  • Various export formats (PDF, CSV, XLS, DOC, PPT, HTML)
  • Extremely high performance in computation and data/information provisioning
  • Focus on detail records, enabling ad-hoc analyses at any time
  • Meaningful metrics with an integrated dashboard
  • Comprehensive data filtering and free-text search across any content
  • Uniform GUI (layout and controls)
  • Intuitive operation
  • Support through wizards
  • Input forms with highlighted mandatory fields
  • Validation of inputs
  • Possible bulk data processing
  • Multi-client capable
  • Business years, scenarios (Actual, Plan, Simulation, Forecast, Frozen Budget, etc.), flexible periods
  • Grouping of items, customers, cost centers, cost types, etc. (also as multi-level hierarchies)
  • Variable, user-defined dimensions
Safe & integrable
  • User authentication
  • Integrated rights/roles system down to the data level
  • Logging of all actions and data changes
  • Flexible interfaces to upstream and downstream systems through database access, file exchange, or REST services

Who is Solution4 for?

Independent of the production type
  • Mass Production
  • Custom Production
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plant Engineering
  • Hospitals
  • Beverages
  • Packages
  • and many more
Flexible income statements
according to
  • Cost of Sales Method
  • Absorption Costing
Flexible calculation scheme for
  • Product Costing
  • Job Costing
  • Cost Allocation Sheet
  • Contribution Margin Analysis
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
Any chart of accounts
  • SKR 03
  • SKR 04
  • Industry chart of accounts
  • and many more
Any cost types
  • imputed costs
  • balance sheet costs
  • discretionary costs
  • primary costs
  • allocations with allocation cost types


compared to other planning systems

Account-based standard planning systems
Development environment for planning tools
AEP-System Solution4
Single-step calculation
Integrated Financial Planning (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
Payroll, CAPEX, Financing
Quantity and Value Simulation
S&OP (MRP II, Inventory and Replenishment Quantities, Capacity Balancing)
Precise Business Result
Complete Detailing and/or Aggregation of All Results
Integrated Datawarehouse
Green Controlling with CSRD/ESRS-Compliant Reporting
HR Reporting on Social and Cultural Aspects
Fulfillment of Regulatory Standards (CSRD/ESRS, Taxonomy, MaRisk, LBA, Krankenhauspflegeentlastungsgesetz)