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Digisustain 2023: Bringing leaders and innovators together


The two-day sustainability conference & exhibition “Digisustain” recently took place at the Kap Europa Congress Center in Frankfurt am Main. This conference and exhibition serves as a platform for thought leaders, innovators and best practice leaders who want to drive sustainability in the digital age. With a total of twelve stages and twelve main topics, the event offered a wide range of discussions and presentations.
The “Digisustain” topics covered a wide range of areas. These include the digital and sustainable transformation of companies, political opportunities in sustainable industrial transformation, sustainable finance, social impact, green hydrogen, biodiversity and much more. The aim was to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of our time through the exchange of ideas and proven and new processes.

We are proud to have presented our planning tool as part of the “Solution Stage” with the appearance of Herman Fedra, Managing Director of AEP Solutions GmbH. Fedra spoke on the subject of “Advanced Enterprise Planning” and emphasized the importance of good planning and comprehensive knowledge of all relevant key figures in order to take effective steps towards sustainability.
To this end, he presented the Solution4 planning tool, which is based on the triple bottom line approach. It combines the three important aspects of economy and economic viability, ecology and ecological footprint, and social impact, and also takes into account the human and social factors. By applying this approach, companies can gain a better overview, remain capable of acting and simulate the effects of decisions at all levels.

The event was a great success and facilitated an intensive exchange between top-class personalities from business and politics who are already thinking about innovations for the future and always have the needs of our planet in mind. The organizers hope to promote new ideas, highlight solutions and show representatives from various industries new paths to a more sustainable future.
“Digisustain” shows that sustainable development is possible in the digital age and that positive change can be achieved through joint efforts and innovative approaches. It is an important step towards a better future for all of us and for our planet.